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Mindflow Web Essence: Mindflow is pleased to announce the launch of its much awaited web aggregation solution, 'Web Essence'. Now you can say goodbye to the problem of aggregation and building of solution from streams of disparate data. This new generation aggregation solution allows b2b marketers to make crucial business decisions on the fly. And it allows them to effectively act on them before the competetion.

As part of Mindflow's 'Web Blocks' for eCommerce, Web Essence offers unlimited scalability. At the same time it provides your ebusiness with the dynamism and flexibility that one cannot do without in this extremely competetive business environment. Web Essence is so flexible, that it can fit into your organisation, no matter what the size. Or business. Using an user-friendly environment, 'Web Essence' allows users to maximise the use of available data. It can present the data according to user specifications using third-party reporting tools like MS Excel. Or just at the click of a button, it makes the entire data available for publishing on the web. So now your website would be able to provide up to the minute information to its users.

And with all this information at your disposal, should you choose to decide to change your business rules, well Mindflows 'Web Essence' will automatically adapt itself to the new set of business rules. Well, like they say, business on the web happens faster than the speed of thought.

Web Essence- Key Features:

Supports multiple data connectivity

Database: Oracle, Access, MS Server

Flat File: Fixed length of variable lenghth with user defined delimiter

URL: Any data chunck from any website

MS-Office: MS Excel, MS Word, MS Email

XML: XML file format

Dynamic rule engine for data manipulation and dynamic command generation.

Metadata driven without code generation, compiling or linking

Dynamic Command Exector

Commmand Type: Database Definition Language system

Dynamic execution of Oracle/ SQL Server stored procedure

Heirarchical input/output capability

Multiple targets (XML, database, MS Excel, Web)

Development and Deployment Environment:

View report template

Role based execution environment

Template developer, define and debug business rules to create report template

Power user, select or drill down input information to create report data

End user, run report with predefined input.

Mindflow Web Essence is quick and easy to implement. It is available on the Windows NT platform and the customer can host it on thier website an an extranet or intranet solution.