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The following are some of the brands I've worked on.

1. Aptech:

The task at hand was to redesign the Aptech Website and make it more fun and
excitement. The URL was Which is why I came up with the
idea 'A Galaxy of Information in Cyberspace'. The site was aimed at students
who wanted more information on Aptech's Computer courses. The information
was available at different levels of the spaceship called 'Astrocity'. And
guiding you around the website was your personal guide 'Astronut'.
2. Hyundai:

Hyundai was launching its cars in India. And they wanted to present themselves
as a research oriented, hi-tech company. Which is why even their dealers
would have multimedia kiosks where customers could see and even custom
design their cars.
3. MBT:

MBT is an Indian software company that has a number of international clients.
In line with their image of a young dynamic company, they wanted to redesign
their corporate brochure. The theme of the brochure was 'Change'. The entire
brochure was written and designed by me.
4. Lazor Labs:

This do-it-yourself obituary was released on New Year's Eve. A reminder 
not to drink and drive.
5. Equal:

This campaign was aimed at the indulgent eater. A reassurance that you can 
now enjoy your favourite food without having to worry about the calories.
The campaign was written and designed by me.
6. Mahindra Corporate:

The Mahindra Jeeps are so integral a part of the Indian landscape that you 
can't call them anything else but 'Sons of the Soil'. A campaign
written and designed by me.