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Mindflow provides e-businesses with a sturdy platform on which e-commerce transactions can easily be carried out. Our scalable and rapid deployment strategy gives you a cutting edge in this highly aggressive business environment. Our e-commerce infrastructure will prove useful for the following types of companies: a. Firms on the threshold of entering into an E-commerce arena, having resource and bandwidth constraints; b. Industries who want to increase their market share by portalizing their offerings; c. Portal owners, wanting to add their product offerings to cover Exchange, Content, Aggregation and Auction; d. Firms wanting to aggregate their data and applications to quickly make it web enabled. Mindflow offers a complete service infrastructure/platform to all the above marketers to carry out Exchange/Auctions/Aggregation and Content management services among their value chain. Our focused approach and component-based architecture helps complement other portal developers, strategy builders, and solutions providers in a B2B market space. These services shall be offered to any/all industries as Mindflow's architecture provides scalability and flexibility to the users in terms of: Defining desktop views to add/modify/delete fields accessed from different portals or data sources including URL's (Dynamic Forms), Defining the business transactions pertaining to their business practices (Dynamic Transactions), Generating reports from disparate data sources without using any expensive third party reporting tools (Dynamic Reports), In built Workflow functions for every user based on Role, Rule, and Route (Dynamic Data Flow), Powerful Search Engine to send spiders/crawlers/prowlers based on user defined rules, Detached Business Transaction enabling businesses to change application per their requirement rather than vice versa, Vertically and Horizontally Scalable architecture to accommodate exchange/auction/aggregation functionality and feature sets, XML based architecture, Database type Independent, Palm OS / Multi language / Multi Currency support, Voice over IP facility for building chat rooms, voice mailboxes, and call centers, Microsoft centric with Netscape Browser Support.