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6 June 2000

Mindflow Launches Web Essence: Today, in Santa Clara, California, Mindflow Inc. launched its innovative web aggregation solution, 'Web Essence'. It solves the problem of aggregation and building of solutions from streams of data coming from disparate sources. Web Essence can capture data from sources such as Database (Legacy and Relational), Flat Files, URLs and XML.

Web Essence is the only one of its kind solution that allows you to aggregate data and present them, either as MS Excel graphs or on the web at the click of a button. It can be customized to user specification and it is dynamically scalable. It even allows users to change business rules on the fly. All in all, this is one solution, no B2B e-commerce marketer can ignore.

With Web Essence, Mindflow has established itself as one of the most innovative solution providers in the B2B sector. And at the rate that this market is growing, the future looks very bright. For more information on 'Web Essence' go to the products page.